February 7th 1889, in Shkodra was born Justin Rrota

The writer, journalist and researcher Justin Rrota was born in Shkodra on February 7, 1889. He took the basic education in the Franciscan College while he did the higher studies in Austria. Since he was young he studied linguistic studies. He published in the journal “Ylli i Drites” many articles and studies on grammar and spelling issues, on the history of foreign literature etc. Also, his name is in the organs as the “Shkolla e Re”, “Leka” etc. He directed the magazine ” Zani i Shna Ndout “. Often he has used the pseudonyms “Irs”, “Viktor”, “Pater Ndou” etc. Justin Rrota is the author of “Literatura Shqype “published in 1925, ” Analizimi i rasave t’emnit “, “Për historinë e alfabetit shqyp ” etc.