February 7th 1843, was born the patriot Nikolla Naço

On February 7th, 1843, in Korca, was born the patriot and prominent activist of our National Renaissance Nikolla Naço. Since he was young he immigrated to Egypt and then to Romania, where he was distinguished for patriotic activities. In 1887 he was elected chairman of the society “Drita” of Bucharest. He worked for the spread of patriotic ideas, for the establishment of schools, for the publication of books in the Albanian language spreading these in Albanian colonies.  He has led the newspaper “Shqiptari”. He has contributed to the Albanian-Romanian Normal School, preparing the Albanian teachers. Nikolla Naço had connections with many personalities of that time. He is the author and coauthor of many memos that were sent to the Sublime Porte and to the Great Powers for the Albanian cause.