13 July 1683, Albanian Vizier Karamahmut Qyperliu paid headlong the delay of the order to attack Vienna

Karamahmut Qypliliu or Mustafa Black, the Albanian who became the great Vizier or Prime Minister of the Ottoman Empire, led by a 250,000-strong army on July 13, 1683, encircled Vienna, dreading the whole of Europe. In autumn, the Ottoman army bombarded the walls of the encircled castle with heavy artillery and partially demolished them, creating opportunities for the invasion of cavalry and infantry. It is unknown why the order for the start of the attack did not come and the Turks were attacked by the coalition of German, Polish and Venetian troops. The Ottomans suffered greater losses after those of Gjergj Kastrioti’s time. The great Vizier of Albania paid off with the head, the delay of the start of the attack.

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