13 July 1920, the distinguished teacher Evanthi Ciko was born in Tirana

In Tirana, on July 13, 1920, was born one of the earliest collaborators of Radio-Tirana microphone, Pedagogy Evanthi (Zoraqi) Ciko. In the artistic groups of the Feminine Institute of Tirana directed by Jorgjie (Filce) Truja and Lola (Aleksi) Gjoka, she has emerged in the Albanian Ephirus, in the first technical evidence of the first Albanian Radio. With her inauguration, the institution became the second home, her husband spun Mihal Ciko and then the boy, Zhani Ciko, took the first steps in music and then gave her great help in this sector, her brother Prominent composer Nikola Zoraqi. In turn, Mrs. Ciko’s home turned into radio parts, in the hearth, gathering many of her employees during wartime, on an illegal basis, after the war, to date in one Archive, where many documents and memories are stored for radio activity in the early years of its activity. Evanthi Ciko, a graduate of pedagogy and all his life, has dedicated to education and school. Today, many generations of Tirana and Korca school students, who have taught ABC and enlightened the mind of many orphans of the “Baby House” in Tirana, have been reminded of that they have felt for teachers, directors, but Even for the mother. These beautiful memories are worth more cuddly sheets of praise, medals, decorations and titles that deserved Evanthi Ciko, the living archive of Radio Tirana, the teacher and the mother who deserves best wishes.

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