February 21st, 1912, was born Dr. Ymer Dishnica

Ymer Dishnica, physician and Albanian political personality was born in Dishnica of Korca on February 21st, 1912. He finished the primary and secondary school in his birthplace and studied at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lyons. Since he was at the Lycée of Korça, became part of the communist movement and during the student years he participated in all the activities that organized the French Communist Party, the International Federation of Students and Albanian National Liberation Organization. After returning in Albania he became part of the Albanian Communist Party. In Peza and Labinot was elected member of the Anti-fascist National Liberation Council and member of the General Staff of the National Liberation Army. At Mukja meeting, Ymer Dishnica and Mustafa Gjinishi, supported the issue of national unity in the fight against the occupiers and the establishment of a postwar t pluralist state. This attitude marked the collapse of his political image. However at the Congress of Përmeti he was appointed the first Minister of Health in Albania. From 1949 he devoted to his profession as a doctor working in Tirana and Berat.