February 21st, 1895, was born in Shkodra Sandër Saraçi, economist and politician

In Shkodra, on February 21st, 1895, was born the economist and politician Sandër Saraçi. Finished the Saverian College on trade in Shkodra and was appointed secretary of City Hall. Then moved to Vienna and worked in the brokerage Austro-Oriental Company and at the same time pursued the Commercial Academy in the Austrian capital. He collaborated with the student society “Albania” and wrote in its organ “Djaleria”. In 1921 Saraçi returned to his homeland and was appointed general secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the years 1933 to 1935 and directed the position of the minister of this department. In 1932 he was elected deputy of Shkodra in the Albanian parliament and held the parliamentary activities until the occupation of Albania by the Fascist Italy. During the years 1948-1954 he was interned in the villages of Fier and Vlora.