2 March 1444, Lezha Assembly laid the foundation of Albanians unity

In the cathedral of St. Nicholas in Lezha, on March 1st, 1944, was convened the Assembly of Lezha, that laid the foundation of the unification of Albanians in the fight to protect the freedom and independence not only of Albanian lands, but also of European civilization. There begins the state of Skanderbeg. In the Assembly of Lezha participated the people of Dukagjini; muzkët; topiat; spanët; balshajt; the enemies of Polati; Lek Zaharia; Arianiti and princes of Montenegro. George Kastrioti Scanderbeg, in his opening speech, reminded to the participants the glorious past of the country and the threatening danger. It emphasized the importance and trust that had the strength of the union. Parliament established the League of Lezha and elected George Castriot as the general commander of the Albanian Army.