2 March 1914, was devised in southern Albania, the so-called “autonomy of Northern Epirus”

On March 2nd, 1914, in the south of the country was devised the so called “autonomy of Northern Epirus”, chaired by the former Deputy Foreign Minister of Athens, Jorgji Zografi, the son of Hellenist banker, Kristaq Zografi from Qestorati. The Greek authorities in Gjirokastra organized the ” Epirotan Congress “, that declared “the autonomy” of southern Albania and formed an “interim government” in the chairmanship of Kristaq Zograf. A few days later the major of the Greek Army Spiro Milo, declared “the autonomy of Himara” that included 7 villages inhabited by Albanians. In this way “the autonomous Northern Epirus”, included Gjirokastra, Himara, Saranda and Përmet. This should serve as support for the Greek chauvinists, to invade in a favourable moment all the South Albania.