19 May 1911, was born Shyqo Basha, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Doctor of Medical Sciences, pioneer of the war for the eradication of venereal diseases, prominent pedagogue and scholar Shyqo Basha, was born on May 19, 1911. After graduating from the University of Rome, he served at the Military Hospital of Tirana. In the years 1940-1942, he specialized in Bologna, for venerology and since then devoted himself to the War on the eradication of syphilis in our country. After the liberation he was imprisoned but released, he continued his fight against social illness. She worked for three years in Berat and in 1950, she was appointed in Tirana. But we find it in Skrapar, Lushnja, Elbasan, Vlora, Mat, Mirdita and elsewhere. In 1975, he was awarded the title “Candidate of Medical Sciences” with a study on syphilis in the district of Berat. Since the establishment of the Medical Institute, which was prepared by the first doctors in the country, Shyqyri Basha exercised a dense pedagogical activity, lectured, led groups of students, directed specialization courses, and co-authored the textbooks. In 1988, he finished the scientific monograph “Siifilizi in Albania, Spread, Blossom and Extinction”, which remained in the script.