19 May 1894, was born Muharem Bajraktari, in Ujmishte

In Ujmishte, on May 19, 1894 Muharem Bajraktari was born. He headed the military school in Innsbruck, Austria. After graduating, he served in the ranks of the Albanian Army. He fought against the June Revolution forces and was promoted to senior officer by Ahmet Zog. In 1927 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the gendarmerie. For the friction she had with the English inspector, Zogu appointed her adjutant. This was the reason for his hostility with the king and the escape to Yugoslavia. During World War II, he returned home and created a pair of nationalists fighting both the invaders and the partisan forces. After the war, he fled to Macedonia and then to Greece, Italy and Belgium. He is one of the founders and activists of the “Free Albania” Committee. He died in exile in 1989.