13 August 1927, born in Elbasan, cardiologist Petrit Gace

Talking about the Hero of Social Work, Petrit Gace, in a few lines is incredibly difficult. The cardiologist doctor, who escaped from the clutches of death, thousands of human beings, Professor of Tirana University, who prepared generations of whole new surgeons, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Albania, MP and Member of the Presidium of the People’s Assembly of Albania, was born In Elbasan on August 13, 1927. He graduated from the First Medical Institute in Leningrad and 43 years of his life dedicated to preserving the health of the people, 43 years struggling with illness and death, with his skills, with the knowledge gained , With the writings and studies that helped to set up and develop the Albanian surgery of our medicine. Anti-fascist Partisan of the XVII Brigade of the National Liberation Army, in decades, remained a determined warrior for human life, becoming a symbol of the Albanian, knowing when he needed to use the rifle but also the scratchiness.

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