13 Aug 1995, in lzmir Turkey, was separated from life patriot Skender Taniku

In Turkey, on August 13, 1995, patriot emigrant Skender Taniku was separated from life. In 1944, he completed the Sami Frasheri high school in Prishtina. Students joined the Youth Committee for the protection of Kosovo. After the war, his family settled in Skopje, where Skanderbeg and his two brothers were imprisoned and tortured. To escape the persecution, after release, emigrated to Turkey. There it was linked to the patriotic movement of Albanian migrants. He assisted in publishing the “Besa” newspaper in Istanbul and other Albanian emigration bodies, such as “Flag”, “Qëndresa”, “Kosovo struggle” etc. He was an active member of the Central Committee of the “League of Kosovo” ‘, Which held numerous activities for the internationalization of the Kosovo issue. For the first time he visited Albania in 1993.

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