7 January 1957, died the patriot and philosopher Hafiz Ali Korca

Hafiz Ali Korça

On January 7th, 1957, died the cleric, patriot, poet and philosopher Hafiz Ali Korca. He was born in Korca in 1873. He won the diploma for theology in Istanbul and since there was connected with the patriotic movement and fought with rifle and the pen for the freedom of the country and its progress. We found his name at “çeta e komiteve”, but even as a representative at the Congress of Manastir and Elbasan, where was decide the fate of Albanian culture and education. Several times experienced prison cells but also the cabinets of ministries. He always fight for his patriotic ideas and feelings without leaving a part the pen. He published a book against Bolshevism, which made him object of persecution and persecution.


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