January 5th. 1939, was born Pirro Milkani

Pirro Milkani

In Korca, on January 5th. 1939, was born the operator, the documentary and artistic film director, Pirro Milkani. He was graduated in Prague and many years later represented our country in the Czech capital, as ambassador. At Kinostudio “Shqipëria e Re “began his career as operator. He filmed many newsreels, reportages, documentaries, but also artistic movies. The film “Ngadhnjim mbi vdekje”, was his first test as film director, and then came the 16 other films, thus becoming the most prolific film director of our cinematography. With the films “Zonja nga qyteti” and “Kapedani” Pirro Milkani became among the founders of the Albanian film comedy. He proved his skills and talent even in other areas such as in scenario, as a pedagogue etc.

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