4 November 1925, was born the singer Xhon Athanas

Xhon Athanas

On November 4th, 1925, in Boston of the United States of America, was born the famous Albanian singer John Athanas. He has sang since he was young in the shrines where his father has served.With the establishment of the musical group “Liria” in Korca, he became the soloist of the choir. In 1947, he was listed in the choir of Army, and in 1952 he went to study at the Moscow Conservatory, becoming famous in the world scene.5 years later he won the second prize of the World Festival of new voices.He was one of the most prominent soloists of the Philharmonic and of the Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana. Also he was a completed professor of canto, at the Higher Institute of Arts. Today, he is living in Boston USA together with his family.

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