30 May 1911, was born Skender Dako

In the family of Kristo of Sevasti Dakos, who was living in Bitola on May 30, 1911, Skender Dako was born. The family emigrated to Boston, USA, where she received her first lessons. He attended secondary school at Robert College in Istanbul, where the boy held a dense patriotic and cultural event. He graduated from political science in Rome and worked at the Embassy of the Republic of Chile in the Italian capital. In 1943, he returned home and was internally exiled by Nazis to the Banjica camp. After the liberation of Albania, he works as an Albanian ally at UNRRA, a UN organization to help war-torn countries. In 1946, together with his brother, he was arrested and sentenced to 7 years in prison. As a prisoner, he worked at the Dinamo Factory, where he designed and built machinery and equipment. For many years he worked as a scientific associate at the Institute of Mechanical Studies, where he retired in 1970. For fifteen years of his life, Skender Dako used them for translating and arranging the materials of Qiriazi-Dako families that had accumulated in the Archives Central State.