On 3 October 1949, died Mit’hat Frashëri, the great writer, politician and journalist

Mit'hat Frashëri

On October 3rd, 1949, died the writer, journalist, translator and politician Mit’hat Frashëri, who is known as Lumo Skëndi or Mali Kokoja too. At the age18, he has translated he has translated “Wilhelm Teli” of Lamartine, and “Do it well and through it into the sea” of Hoffmann, “Robinson Cruz” of Defoe. He is known as a publisher and collaborator of “Kalendaro Kombiar” and for the temporary “Dituria”. He has left a numerous of works, researches and many articles. In the years of the Nazi-fascism occupation of the country he leaded “Balli Kombëtar” organization.

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