29 December 1924, the wounds of the battle killed Elez Isufi; a life with gun against the enemies

Elez Isufi

The patriot and the popular prominent leader of the defense of the National independence and territorial integrity of Albania, Elez Isufi, died from the wounds received in the battle of Peshkopi, for the protection of the June Revolution, on December 29th, 1924. He led the fighting against the Serbs, in 1912 and supported the Government of Vlora by opposing the treasonous actions of Esat Pasha Toptani. In August 1920, he led the War of Dibra against the Serbian occupiers and was among the organizers of the March movement of 1922, which exploded in Dibra and was spread to Tirana. He was wounded in the battle of Peshkopi, on December 16th, 1924 against the forces of Ahmet Zogu, supported by the Yugoslav army and died after 13 days.

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