27 July 1478, Turkish armies invade the ancient city of Drisht

After a determined resistance, the Turkish armies invaded, on July 27, 1478, the ancient Albanian town Drishtin. He experienced the Roman and Byzantine invasion, under Serbian statehood, was included in the Balshaya principality and in 1396 passed to Venice. In 1448, in Drisht Skanderbeg, the final victory over the Venetians forced them to sign the peace agreement. After the death of Gjergj Kastrioti, the Turks surrounded Drishti in 1478 and, after the invasion, slaughtered all the inhabitants who had survived and turned the city into ruins. Even today ruins of the ruins of the former archbishop, the ruins of the administrative buildings, have been preserved to prove that it was trampled and destroyed by the foundations, a whole civilization, a state that walked and developed alongside its Balkan and European peoples.

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