23 March 1920, was born Zigur Lelo, the leader of Balshaj çeta

In Mesaplik meeting, held on March 23rd, 1920 çeta of Bashajt, elected as his commander the brave warrior Zigur Lelo. They had their leader, since in the battles against the Greek invasion in 1914. Then, he was wounded and survived from of death. Now they had to fight with the Italians who had occupied Sazan, Vlora and the Coast. Under his leadership, they attacked the Italian garrison in Kotë, killing their commander. Years later, when the Italy of Duce invaded Albania, Bashaj took the arms and fought for freedom. They created their partisan çeta and revived the hero of Vlora Zigur Lelo, baptizing this çeta by his name. He deserved the high title of “Hero of the Nation”.