18 July 1999, split from the art world, veteran of the scene and the Albanian screen, Pandi Raidhi

On July 18, 1999, he left the world of art, stage veteran and Albanian screenwriter Pandi Raidhi. 200 roles in theater and 36 in cinemas during the 45 years of artistic career make the Korcar artist one of the most prominent and beloved figures of Albanian stage and cinematic art. Pandi Raidhi, is one of the 10 artists who founded the “Andon Zako Cajupi” theater in Korca and one of the main heroes of the first Albanian art film “Tana”. He is a sculptor of figures and artistic characters, who have remained alive in the viewer’s memory. For the talent and assistance that he gave in stage and cinematographic developments, he was awarded the high title “Artist of the People”. His talent is well documented and appreciated in the outside world, by the American Biography and Cambridge Biological Institute.

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