16 June 1882, was born our compatriot Gaetano Petrota

Our Arboreta compatriot Gaetano Petrota was born in Arora’s Horas in Sicily, Italy on June 16, 1882. The study “Comparative phonetics test of the Albanian language” published in 1924 was honored with awards by the Italian Academy Lincei. But his masterpiece remains, “The Albanian people, language and literature”, which came to light in 1931. In Petrota, he reflected the history of Albanian literature and Albanian studies on issues of the alphabet, grammar, dialectology, lexicography, language history , Ethnography, folklore, culture history, etc. Petrota is the founder of the Department of Albanian Language and Literature at the University of Palermo in 1932, which he directed until his death in 1952. He has also left the monograph “Albanian Literature of Arbëresh”, “Historical Development of Albanian Culture and Literature “,” Greek-Albanian ethnic-linguistic issues “. Along with Arbëresh Pal Skiroi, several pieces were published by Gjon Buzuku. Petrota has left in handwritten an Albanian grammar of the Arbëresh folk, as well as a phraseological phrase of the Sicilian

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