16 June 1832, was born the first teacher of Shkodra Kushe Mica

And now readers, a little bit about the first teacher of  Shkodra and her school, for the first Albanian girls teacher, Kushe Mica. It’s a name that has rarely heard, but that should not be forgotten. Kusha was born in Shkodra on June 16, 1832. Her tribe was sitting by Dukagjini because of bloodfeud, the wild habit that continues to breed even today our people. For 10 consecutive years, privately taught at Venetian pharmacist Shjor Marko Rabeskini, who lived and died in Shkodra. Smart in nature like all highlanders, she conceived a broad culture and the two main languages ​​of French and Italian times. The teacher’s wheel started at age 27. Two years, they wanted to issue a permit for the opening of the Albanian school for girls. In August 1859, she managed to open the first Albanian girls’ school, also called “Kushe Micka School”. For 45 consecutive years, the valiant and elegant Malaysian faced a thousand obstacles to teach a few generations of girls from the poor people, gave them culture, developed their mind, educated the senses, wielded their hands, and prepared them for life. Is not this a heroism, is not Kushe Mica a heroine, like Mic Sokoli and many others?

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