16 December 1998, Ibrahim Rugova is honored with the “Saharov” price

Ibrahim Rugova

For the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of United Nations Organization for Human Rights, on the hall of European Parliament in Strasbourg on December 16th, 1998, in the presence of European parliamentarians and representatives of many media, was organized the solemn awarded of “Saharov” price to Ibrahim Rugova President, with the motivation “for the courage and commitment of Dr. Rugova, for resolving the Albanian case in Kosovo in a peacefully way”. As it is known, also, this high price has deserved Mandela of Europe, Adem Demaçi from Kosovo. The same day, Ibrahim Rugova President, was declared the honorary citizen of the city of Luterbahut, which is twinned with the town of Gjilan in Kosovo.

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