1st, October 1909, was established the Normal School of Elbasan

the Normal School of Elbasan

The Normal School of Elbasan was established on December 1st, 1909, in implementation of tasks and decisions of the National Congress of Elbasan. It was sponsored by the funds of the “Përparimi” society of Korca, headed by Orhan Pojani. After a year it was closed by Ottomans. It was reopened in 1911. Until the Congress of Lushnja, the school was opened and closed five times. The first director was Luigi Gurakuqi. In the first year of teaching were registered 50 students from all Albanian lands. The first graduates were in 1924. In this school have directed and have taught some of the brightest personalities of the Albanian education: Aleksandër Xhuvani, Sali Ceka, Ahmet Gashi, Sotir Peci, Simon Shuteriqi, Kostaq Cipo, Luigj Filaj, Kahreman Ylli, Qamil Guranjaku.

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