The exhibition “Albanian National Flag”, Pogradec 23 November 2011

The ancient history of the Albanian nation is accompanied by the symbol of the eagle. The red and black flag has survived for centuries from the barbaric attacks of enemies. He has lived and actually is living in the culture of the Albanian people and in his consciousness, in the stories, legends, and myths. Above all, inscribed anywhere to be transmitted from generation to generation as a sacred trust. With this word of Mr. Shpetim Sala was opened the exhibition “Albanian National Flag” organized by the Albanian Nationwide Collectors Center. In collaboration with philatelist Jovan Basho, supported by the Municipality of Pogradec, on November 23rd, 2011 QMKSH opened the exhibition “Albanian National Flag”. With 25 national flags exhibited for the first time, rare artifacts dating from 1905 until 1944, this exhibition has been one of the most interesting activities for the 99th anniversary of Independence. Thus, except the Declaration of Independence Act, visitors saw for the first time 25 flags dating from 1905 until 1944, postcards and photographs of patriots, çeta, patriotic clubs and societies, with the image of the Albanian flag. Postcard collection with the Albanian and American flag, the Albanian flag in the press of 1913-1944 years, the image of the Albanian Flag in the Albanian ethno culture (bread seals, bottle, shank, socks, carpets, tobacco boxes, embroidery, etc), the original seal of Prince Wilhelm administration (1914), emblem, blazon, decorations with the symbol of the flag (1912-1944) etc. In this exhibition participated well-known collectors from all Albanian region.  Also were present many intellectuals and local citizens, from Korca, Elbasan, Tirana, Pristina, Skopje and from different countries of the continent and wider, where Albanians live and work. The mayor Artan Shkëmbi congratulated the guests for the November celebrations, considering the exhibition as “the most unique and meaningful for the 99th anniversary of Independence”.

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