Exhibition on the occasion of the “120th anniversary of Albanian School” on March 7th, 2007, Korça

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the first Albanian school in Korca on March 7th, 1887, the Albanian Nationwide Collector Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and the Museum of National Education in Korca to commemorate this important date, has organized the exhibition “120th anniversary of the First Albanian School, Mësonjëtorja”.

The establishment of the Albanian School, 120 years ago in the city of Korca, represents the crowning of ten years efforts of our patriots and the great desire of the Albanian people for culture and education.  Albanian collectors, with the artifacts that will present in this exhibition, intend to bring to the present day, the atmosphere of the time in which was established the first Albanian school. The first Albanian School in Korca marks a qualitative step towards the education in Albanian language. Its opening was the culmination of the joint efforts of the Albanian patriots and patriotic associations and clubs inside and outside the country.

In the literature and today’s press is evidenced the opening of Albanian schools in much earlier period than Mësonjëtorja of Korca, so it is true that chronologically this is not the first Albanian school. Our nation will continue to honor and to have this school as a symbol of patriots’ efforts because off:

  1. There was a comprehensive national physiognomy, aiming the realization of the aspirations and the ideals of freedom and independence.
  2. It was a school separated from religious lessons in Turkish or Greek, that took place in that period in Turkish and Greek schools.
  3. The lesson for all subjects was held in Albanian.
  4. The teachers of Mësonjëtorja as Pandeli Sotiri, Petro Nini Luarasi, Nuci Naci, etc. were among the most active patriots in efforts for culture and education.
  5. Our most remarkable renaissance men as Naim Frasheri, Sami Frashëri, etc., had published for this school study books as ” Abetare e gjuhës shqip ” “Shkronjëtore e gjuhës shqip “, ” E këndimit çunavet-Këndonjëtoreja “.
  6. The lessons were followed by students of different faiths and social strata.
  7. Poor students took the books and notebooks for free.

The highest appreciation for the establishment of this school has made Naim Frasheri, who dedicated “Mësonjëtores” poem to this school.

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