Exhibition in the Bektashi World Headquarters

QMKSH organized an exhibition on the Bektashi World Headquarters in Tirana. In this exhibition were presented publications of the original works of Sami Frasher in ottoman language, manuscripts of Ferid Vokopola, and some flags. The attention of many visitors was attracted especially by the flag of 1922, of Ndroqi family. This is an embroidered flag, below the eagle is written in black “Long live the Flag”, and while in golden letters is embroidered thw expression of Naim Frashëri “If Scanderbeg will not fight, the Turkish will have occupied the entire world”.  Shpëtim Sala gave an interview at the opening of the exhibition. Personalities of Bektashi community, but also of the Albanian literature, have written their impressions in the book of the visitors. At the end of the activity, but also to celebrate the day of Novruz Sultan, QMKSH had lunch in the pleasant environments of Mera restaurant in Petrela.