The Exhibition of Albania’s National Flag’s history (1910-1937)

In a commemorative  atmosphere, among the few who remembered the Flag Day were only young peopleTwo days ago, Albanian Students Abroad  Network  (AS @ N) held a roundtable titled “The ancient origin of the Albanian flag” and the exhibition “TheHistory of the Albanian National Flag 1910-1937”. The meeting chaired by a researcher of Albanian heraldry Jaho Brahaj was organized with the participation of Albanian youth graduated  abroad and students in the branch of History in the Faculty of Tirana, who participated  in an open debate on the subject of the flag, the importance of the national heritage and youth  involvement in its protection and promotion. The exhibition was enabled  by one of the  collectors and experts of the Albanian symbols, Shpëtim Sala. One of the topics that always arouses curiosity among young people is the symbol of the double-headed eagle. What does it originate from and what does this flag symbolize for Albanians in certain periods of their history. Interesting information on this topic was brought by the researcher Jaho Brahaj, who presented the evolution of the double-headed eagle in a chronological way. According to him, it has started being documented by our ancestors since the VI century. “We have inherited by our ancestors from the Bronze Age, in the form of ancient art, heads of birds in opposite directions in cult objects and decoration, but the second   ones bear the symbolism of ancient religious beliefs. The double head of the eagle has been present in all ages that our country has been through… In ancient times and ongoing double-headed  eagle represents the solar power in this world, the earthly world and the hereafter, day and night, as a single body that exists displayed only with the unit within the dual unity”, says Brahaj as he counts all the evidence that we have for the worship and the use of this symbol, since the protoillyrian, Illyrian, followed later in the period of Skanderbeg and  later, on independence day.

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