30 April 1894, was born the journalist Gjon Kamsi

One of the earliest journalists of the Albanian press, Gjon Kamsi, was born in Shkodra on April 30th, 1894. He was educated in this country and in Italy. His name is found on the pages of the newspaper “Shkodra”, since 1910. Following lectures at the Bari High Economic Institute, he was also a regular contributor to the notebook ” Shpallje e posaçme për Shqipërinë ” published in Bari and headed by Sotir Gjika. In 1918 was published the political, literary, social and cultural newspaper “Kombi”. On its pages we find many scripts with the pseudonym “Gjikam”, beside which was the work of Gjon Kami. His writings are also on the pages of many periodicals such as, “Ora e maleve”, “Hylli i dritës”, “Cirka”, “Gazeta shqiptare”, “Telegrar, “Vullneti i popullit”, “Bota e re”, “Bashkimi i kombit”, etc. He was also a contributor to some newspapers that our migrants has published abroad, such as ” Shqipëria e re “, published in Romania. In 1939, Gjon Kamsi returned to Albania and was charged with various tasks in the field of economy and finance.