6 July 1914, wickedly killed by the bands of Esat Toptani, Mendu Zavalani

On 6 July 1914, he was wounded in the vicinity of Pogradec, by the bands of Esat Pasha Toptani, Mendu Zavalani, fighter with penis and rifles for the freedom and independence of Albania. She was born in Zavalan of Dangellia, in 1889. She studied at the Bitola High School, where she was also a member of “Albanian Conflict of Liberty for Albania”. Collaborating with the newspaper “Korca”, he embedded the drama “Vilhelm Teli” of Shiler, played by the girls of the Albanian school of Korca and had a strong political echo. He was among the founders of the secret society “Black Hand for Rescue”. In 1911, he created an armed shield against Turkish invaders and established links and other shots operating in South Albania.

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