1 May 1952, appeared the first premiere of the first Estrada of our country

In Tirana, on May 1, 1952, numerous posters announce the art lovers that, the State Estrada, gave a performance of “Estrada Nr. 1”, directed by Pandi Stillo and conductor Zef Gruden. It was this first premiere of the first Estrada of the capital and all of Albania.the shoe was opened by Lucie Miloti, with popular songs. The first appearance of the Tirana’s Estrada was an important cultural event that opened a new area in the history of our art. There were many famous names of our scene such as Telat Agolli, Xhevdet Hafizi, Margarita Xhepa, Kadri Roshi, Besim Levonja, Xon Zyberi and others.