3 February 1913, was born in Mitrovica The Juventus player, Riza Lushta

In Mitrovica in Kosovo, on February 3rd, 1913 was born one of the most brilliant personalities of Albanian football, Riza Lushta, or as older generations called him “Lushta”. In 1920 his family moved to Tirana, and he was distinguished among his friends, until he stood in the ranks of the team “Sport Club Tirana”. He provided to this team several landslide victories, not only with the teams of the country but also with foreign teams. After 40 years he became a scorer with several teams including the famous Juventus. Lushta ended his football career at French club of Cannes. He did not left his mark in the history of the Albanian sport but also in other countries, by honoring the name of the Albanians in the biggest stadiums in Europe.