5 July 1467, in Murano’s “Golden Book”, it is written the smelting furnace of Nikola Albanian

In the “Golden Book” of Murano in Italy, known as the most important center of production and artistic glass processing in Europe, in July of 1467, it is said about the smelting furnace of Nicola Albanian (Nicola Albanese). Manufactures for the production and artistic processing of glass, have had also other Albanians coming to Italy, after the beginning of the Ottoman invasions in Albanian territories. The attention of the Albanian masters in the “Golden Book” and other documents, and especially the fact that they managed to have their own workshops, where several masters and other workers worked, proves the high economic and artistic level that they also enjoyed the special status they had. That is to say, for the fact that their work should not be foreign and unknown in their abandoned homeland.

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