3 July 1966, died the renowned doctor Sotir Polena

On July 3rd, 1966, the Albanian medicine lost one of its most prominent figures, the famous surgeon and doctor, Sotir Polena. He was born in Korce in 1902 in a prominent medical family. He took the first lessons in his native country and went on to Florina and Athens. He was graduated from medicine in Munich, Germany. In 1927 he defended his doctorate, the Bavarian University, “Ludvik Maksimilian”. After his studies, he offered some jobs abroad, but he preferred poor and backward Albania, and for more than 40 years served his compatriots with devotion and devotion, fighting for death, for the triumph of life human. Appreciating the path of immortality, attended by Sotir Polena, the town of the east declared it, “honorary citizen”.

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