5 July 1908, was organized the Assembly of Ferizaj

The Assembly of Ferizaj, was organized on 5 July 1908, and had a wide echo. It was attended by about 30,000 Albanians from Gjilan, Presevo, Pristina and other parts of Kosovo. The Assembly also expressed opposition to weapons, plans that were hidden behind Reval’s agreement, for the cleavage of Albanian lands. The participants were connected to the patriotic communion “Bashkim dhe perparim”, in support of the Xhonturk Revolution, which promised the protection of Albanian lands. Under the direction of Isa Boletini and Bajram Curri, a telegram was drafted to the Sultan, where the constitution was announced and the parliamentary call, which was accomplished on July 23, which marked the victory of the Revolution Xhonturk.

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