28 February 1917, was born the doctor Medar Shtylla

The Doctor Medar Shtylla, anti-monarch and antifascist fighter, was born on  February 28th, 1917. After graduating for Veterinary he gave a valuable contribution to the organization of the zoo technical and veterinary services in our country. In the years of occupation of the country by fascist Italy he was connected with the partisan movement and was activated for the establishment of the national liberation councils. For his was and operations, he was elected in the senior management forums, member of the General Anti-Fascist National Council and a member of the Presidium of Antifascist National Liberation Council, Minister of Economy in the Provisional Government. After the liberation dr. Medar Shtylla was appointed First Minister of Health, where he contributed to the development of medicine and to the preparation of Albanian doctors. In the fourth legislature of the National Assembly he was elected chairman of legislative body, a post that he held until the end of his life.