28 February 1907, was born the military man, Irfan Peshtani

The Colonel Irfan Peshtani was born in Berat, on February 28th, 1907. After the high school he followed the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Vienna. In 1928, he attended the School of Artillery in Italy. In homeland he served in the royal army as an artillery officer. At the beginning of the National Liberation War in 1943, he went in mountain and was ranked in the forces of Assault Brigade III as its Chief of Staff. Irfan Peshtani, continued to serve in the ranks of the armed forces after the liberation of the country. In 1946 he was appointed commander of the first course of officers that was opened in Tirana. Then he commanded the Artillery Regiment of the Fifth Division. In 1948, he was transferred to the department of defence where he serves for two years and then was dismissed and performed various tasks in construction and transport.