28 February 1208, Pope Innocent III wrote to Prince Demetrius of Arberia

Since in the XII century, in the lands of Middle Albania was established the Principality of Arberia. Its first ruler was Progoni, then was elected Gjini and after his death the throne of the ruler was passed to his brother Dhimitri. Passing of the rule in an inheritance form shows not only the strengthening of political positions of arberesh state leaders but also the beginning of Arberia dynasty. Not coincidentally Dhimitri calls himself “big arhond” which means suzerain, Arbëria prince. As suzerain of Arbëria he was recognized in the international arena. In the letter on February 28th, 1208, addressed by Pope Innocent III, he calls him a noble man, a prince of Arbëria. A year later, Pope calls Dhimitri “judge of Arbëria” a title that meant the ruler. The Letter of February 28th, 1208, is among the few documents that has reached up to our days and has a great importance because it is a kind of diplomatic and credentials paper. Through it the Holy Father, as is done in this kind of diplomatic documents, orders that the elected arkidiakoni by him to be welcomed with honours.