28 February 272, was born in Niš of Kosovo Great Constatine, Emperor of Rome

In Naissus, today is called Nis of Kosovo at the end of February 272, was born the Great Constatine, who ruled the Roman Empire for more than three decades. He belongs to Flavij Illyrian dynasty, descendants of which held for many years the red platoons of Roman emperors. The Great Constantine was a prominent statesman and military. He held and won many battles against the barbarian invasions in the lands of the Empire and especially in the land of the Illyrians. He was distinguished in the direction of the great state and this he was proclaimed a saint by the church. Even today, St. Constantine is celebrated every year on 21 May. For the Albanian origin of Great Constantine has written Fan Noli. In the text of the flag anthem that he had written many years ago among other things he said: “flag (is understood the Albanian flag) that begotten St. Constantine”. But Tajar Zavalani in his monograph “History of Albania” writes: “Constantine has born in an Illyrian noble family in Naissus (today is Nish), that in that time was within the borders of Illyria.