28 July 1911, Çeta of Spiro Bellkamen and Qamil Panaritit are surrounded by Orman Çiflik

The united Çeta of Spiro Bellkamen and Qamil Panariti, on July 28, 1911, was encircled in Orman Çiflik of Korça. During the war of independence, Orman Cifliku has been the foundation and refuge of armed clutches. On July 23, they planned an action to release the arrested patriots, but they were deciphered and found besieged. In the bloody war on the siege, valiant warriors fell: Bajazit Rehova, Kostaq Spiro Kosturi, Nuçi Lapi, Kristaq Furxhi, Odhise Kota and Tushi Krestafillaku. Their names have entered the history of our people and are remembered as the martyrs of Orhan Çiflik.

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