26 June 1769, the first collapse of Voskopoja occurred

In June of 1769, the first burning and collapse of Voskopoja, one of the largest economic and cultural centers of Albania in the Middle Ages, was completed. She had trade relations with Venice, Vienna, Leipzig, etc. There in 1720, the new Academy and the printing press were set up. At this time, several monasteries and monasteries were erected, and even today there are rare monuments of culture. They are distinguished by architectural values, frescoes and icons of great masters, David Selenica, Constantine and Athanas Zografi. In Voskopoja, some remarkable people of our education and culture have lived and worked, among them, Teodor Kavaljoti. Voskopoja’s first burning was followed by two others. They were associated with robbery and robbery, which caused the destruction of the city with 20,000 inhabitants, the removal of the population and the disappearance of many values, including the Academy and the printing house with their books and manuscripts.

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