26 May 1913, was born the first Albanian painter Androniqi Zengo-Antoniu

In an iconographic family, on May 26th, 1913, was born the first Albanian painter Androniqi Zengo-Antoniu. His first talent for painting was inherited by his father Vangjel Zengo and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens. His artistic activity began as iconographers, beautifying the churches of the Korça and Devoll districts and continued, following the method of impressionistism and realism, being distinguished in the gender of portrait and landscape. After graduating and throughout her life, he gave drawing lessons and in the free time she painted. Seven decades ago, it opened its first personal exhibition, which was an extraordinary event for our art. During his lifetime he opened 3 other exhibitions and participated in many collective exhibitions. Androniqi is the first Albanian painter who took part in 15 works at the New York International Exhibition in 1939 and at the Bari International Competition where he was awarded with the third prize.