26 July 1445, took place the battle of Berat, the only military encounter lost by Skanderbeg

On July 26, 1455, the battle of Berat took place, the only military match lost by Skanderbeg, on its 25th anniversary triumphal era. Here is how Naples advisor and ambassador, Abrikus Maleta, the defeat of Berat, and the panic that invaded the West on this occasion: “suddenly fell 40,000 horsemen who were the best of those who were furious and so fierce that they shattered the army of Skanderbeg and abandoned 6,000 Christians with the dead and the captives, and if the night did not help them, no one would be saved, and these Turks went to the shore of the sea, and from this shore to a night of Alone, can be crossed to Italy, at the port of Brindisi, the town of the prince of Tarantula, and all these Turks shout and say they want to go to Brindisi, and when the Turkish army comes to this Brindisi country and Join the aforementioned army, then woe to Italy, because there is no shield. “

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