26 July 1915, was born in Elbasan, Professor Dhimitër Shuteriqi

In the city of Elbasan on July 26, 1915, was born Dhimiter Shuteriqi, professor, academic, writer, publicist, researcher of Albanian education, culture and science. He participated in the National Liberation War and afterwards, the liberation was elected Chairman of the League of Writers and Artists and a Member of the People’s Assembly, in some legislatures. Begin to write and publish, since early youth. In 1935, the poetry volume “Songs of Young People” and a year later, “Song”, came to light. After the liberation, the novel “Liberators” was published in two volumes dedicated to the National Liberation War, Shuteriqi was remarkable for his stories, and in 1953, the volume “Five Stories” came out, followed by “Fyelli and Rifle” “One Song Mountain,” “Marathon”, “60 Stories in One,” “When It Comes To The Moon”, etc. He is one of the main authors of general texts and works, but also monographs dedicated to the country’s major figures.

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