26 July 1920, took place the Koplik war against the Yugoslav army

On July 26, 1920, Koplik’s war broke out against Yugoslavia’s military intervention in the province of Shkodra, aiming to detach other parts of the Albanian lands and forcing the Tirana government to obey Belgrade’s dictatorship. Yugoslav forces invaded several areas in Shkodra Mountains and arrived in Koplik. But by the shock of the Albanians, they were forced to retreat to the border of 1913. In August, a new attack broke out and invaded Kelmendi, Kastrati, Shkrel and Koplik. To cope with the new aggression, some 3500 armed Albanians gathered from Shkodra and other districts. Faced with their struggle and isolation in the international arena, Serbian aggressors were forced to retreat and to revive Shkodra Mountains.

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