25 December 1797, the victory of Pasha of Shkodra makes fuss in French newspapers

Karamahmut Pashë Bushatlliu

In the end of November 1797, Karamahmut Pash Bushatlliu by using the uprising of mountaineers of Hoti, Shoshi, Mirdita and Postriba and the uprising of coterie of Terezive and Tabak in Shkodra came out from the castle of “Rozafa” where they were surrounded and won a landslide victory against the Turks. The victory had a great echo in Europe. On December 25th, 1787 the French newspaper ” Lajmëtari i Europës “, wrote that “disobedient Pasha of Shkodra, the famous Mahmud, took over his own Paschalis and broke completely Çausholli, which was appointed successor to the governance of Shkodra by the courtyard “.

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