23 February 1923, was born the composer Dhora Leka

On February 23rd, 1923 in Korca was born the courageous partisan and passionate composer Dhora Leka. As a student of the Women Institute of Tirana she sang since in the first broadcastings. When war broke out she went in the mountains with many other friends and fought the fascist invaders with songs and gun. She created the first partisan songs as: “Kushtrimi i lirisë”, “Britma e çlirimit”, “Rini, rini”, “Hakmarrje”, “Në ato maja rripa-rripa”, that  became anthem for the freedom fighters. With these songs the composer after the liberation returned in Radio Tirana, to be spread her songs around the world. After graduating in the Conservatory “Çajkovski” in Moscow, Dhora Leka was appointed and worked in the music editorial in Radio Tirana; taught in the Artistic Lyceum, composed classical music: “Uvertura”, “Shqipëri, Atdheu im”.