23 February 1921, was born the Italian Albanologist Giovanni Battista Pellegrini

On February 23rd, 1921, was born the prominent Italian albanologist Giovanni Battista Pellegrini, professor of the University of Pisa, Trieste and Padova, a member of many institutions and Italian and foreign academies. Professor Pellegrini has made a great contribution in the study of the Albanian language. He has published a series of articles, studies and monographs exceeding 1,000 press pages, which treats various Albanian problems, mainly dealing with its ancient history. In 1977 he published “Hyrje në studimin e gjuhës shqipe “with 336 pages and illustrations. Then he published “Kërkime linguistike ballkanike-danubiane ” where the Albanian language is included in  3 chapters and then 1995 ” Hyrje në gjuhësinë shqiptare ” with 277 pages and maps.