23 May, today is commemorated the painter Fadil Pëllumbi

The Albanian world of fine arts today commemorates the painter Fadil Pellumbi. He attended the higher studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. From his pen in 1939, came out the first Albanian plaque. A year later, he made a series of works on aquarium: landscapes, compositions, portraits, most of which were reproduced by the well-known De Agostini and were distributed in Italy, Albania and beyond. After graduation, he returned to Homeland and worked as a book illustrator. Among the works of this time, made an impression the plaque “Nana Kosovo”. In December 1944, in war-torn Tirana, the painter opened his first personal exhibition and a year later organized the first artisan exhibition. In those difficult years for the country, the painter helped to digitate the Albania and the spiritual world of our people in the outside world. In 1946, he designed the Albanian pavilion at the Zagreb International Fair, the exhibition “New Albania”, opened in Romania and Bulgaria; in 1949 designed the Albanian pavilion, in Poznań Fair in Poland and Prague. In the works exhibited at the World Youth Festival in Prague in July-August 1947, he deserved an “Honorary Degree”. With his works he has participated in all the collective exhibitions opened in our country and has opened 7 personal exhibitions, among which is the exhibit with works that reflected the 1967 earthquake and the exhibition that was opened in the Art Gallery in the year 1992.